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EPS Elementary

Elementary students in grades Pre-K through 5th at Explorations gain a deep knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects through our theme-based, project centered learning environment. Students go beyond simply memorizing facts to develop true insight into the subject matter. In Math, students follow the Saxon Math curriculum; most at a full grade level above their actual grade. Saxon provides an integrated, spiraling approach to math instruction that permits EPS students to continually strengthen old concepts while also being exposed to new, more advanced topics.

Unprecedented in elementary schools, EPS provides daily Science class for all students. Scientific investigation and instruction is an important component of the overall educational program at EPS.

In addition to Math & Science, students hone their writing skills through extensive writing projects. Using the writing process, students are challenged to broaden their skill base by writing in various genres for a range of audiences. As with writing, students are challenged in each grade to strengthen their reading skills. With the use of Saxon Phonics, students in the lower grades are exposed to phonemic awareness activities on a daily basis. With small group and daily whole class lessons, students are immersed in a literature rich environment. In the upper grades, students move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Sharpening their critical reading skills and broadening their vocabulary, students meet weekly with literature groups to discuss pertinent comprehension questions. On average, EPS students read two grade levels above their actual grade level.

Social Studies is also a major element in the EPS educational program. Students are exposed daily to various topics ranging from geography and map skills to cultural diversity, government and social issues. In the upper grades, students also delve into both Texas and world history.

Enrichment classes round out the curriculum. EPS elementary students benefit from Mandarin, Spanish, Art, Music, Technology, Drama and P.E. classes on a weekly basis as part of the regular school day.