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EPS Middle School

Imagine a school environment where your middle school student can achieve academic excellence in an atmosphere where all of the teachers not only know her name, but also know her interests, strengths, personality and learning style. Imagine a school where your child can focus on learning and is challenged to achieve at his highest potential. Imagine a school where your child enjoys and develops a love of learning, and is not just learning to take a test. This school is not just in your imagination, it’s here! Explorations Preparatory School offers this and more… At EPS, no child is left unchallenged!


Explorations Preparatory School is dedicated to the development of students with curious minds, providing them with the tools they need to become life-long learners. Students at EPS are bright, motivated learners who desire to be challenged in their education. As such, our students are typically a full grade level ahead of their peers in core subject areas. A typical EPS Middle School student will be well prepared to enter any high school public or private and perform at an advanced level.


In addition to challenging and authentic core curriculum, EPS also offers a variety of enrichment classes during the school day. Classes vary throughout the year and change each trimester.  Potential enrichment offerings include:

  •             Art
  •             Drama
  •             Foreign Language
  •             Technology
  •             P.E.
  •             Musical Instruments
  •             Speech/Debate
  •             Photography


In addition to daily enrichment classes, EPS also offers an array of after school clubs and activities, including:

·       Chess ·       Science Club
·       NJHS ·       Programming/Coding
·       Track ·       Yoga
·       Destination Imagination (DI) ·       Academic
Competition (PSIA)



Each school year, students in grades 6th – 8th will have the opportunity to participate in an annual “Road Trip” to an educational destination.  The three trips will be on a rotating schedule, giving students the opportunity to experience all three adventures during their middle school years. Students will have a chance to embark on an outdoor team-building adventure at Sky Ranch in Van, TX.  They will have an opportunity to view history up close and personal in Washington, D.C. They will also have the chance to broaden their cultural horizons by taking a trip of a lifetime to a European destination.