Lower School (Grades 1-4)

(Grades 1-4)

Lower School Academics

Walking through the hall of Lower School, it is undeniable that students at EPS are engaged, curious, and happy learners. The Lower School is where our younger students begin to build their foundation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our first through fourth grade classes are self-contained, having one teacher for their core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and specials teachers for enrichment. In the Lower School, students learn to appreciate and celebrate differences in cultures and ethnicities and at a young age begin to develop a global perspective.


Advanced Learning

Students at EPS are bright, motivated learners who desire to be challenged in their education. Whether it be conducting an experiment on kinetic energy, working as a team to engineer a structure to hold an object, or participating in a discussion on the impacts of famous humanitarians, students are engaged in meaningful learning. Students practice working independently, in small groups, and with peers from other grade-level classrooms, giving them the opportunity to not only challenge themselves, but others in a constructive and safe space.


Whole Child

At EPS, we believe that social and emotional learning is just as important as academics. Our goal as educators at EPS is to provide our students with a healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged environment while supporting their individual growth. Being involved in not only academic but also social and emotional discussions, students become independent thinkers and competent decision makers who are excited to learn.



At EPS, students learn at a young age that they can have a voice in their learning. Providing them with a safe environment to express their needs and wants in a respectful manner allow students to explore the power of their own voice. Whether is be a time that students petition to add something to curriculum or writing a proposal to add a new club to the afterschool activities, students at EPS feel empowered to use their voice in their learning.



Our exciting enrichment classes are just another element of our school that makes EPS such a special place to learn! Starting at a very early age, our students are immersed in foreign languages, Spanish and Mandarin. Incorporating physical education, yoga, art, drama and technology in their daily schedule, students are exposed to a wealth of experiences to learn what their interests are. Providing these opportunities allows students a glimpse of what they can pursue beyond their time at EPS.

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