Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Explorations Preparatory School

Mission, Vision & Philosophy

The Explorations Preparatory School (EPS) mission is to instill in students the joy of learning and accomplishment while providing the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to succeed in life.

EPS’ vision focuses the school on guiding students toward becoming creative, engaged and active learners with the ability and desire to reason, question and solve problems in school and in life.


EPS’ vision is to be a premier pre-K through 6th grade educational institution.  EPS will provide students a well-rounded, interdisciplinary, and project-based education in math, science, humanities, bilingual communications, and critical thinking.  Low student/teacher ratios allow us to focus on guiding students toward becoming creative, engaged, and active learners with the ability and desire to reason, question, and solve problems in school and in life.  EPS students build character and learn global responsibility while being celebrated as the individuals they are, without fear of discrimination. 

We Believe


In high academic standards and challenging each child to meet their full potential. As such, we have high expectations for student growth that are met by a rigorous and purposeful curriculum and innovative teachers.

In providing students with a broad range of course offerings while encouraging them to make connections across subjects. As such, students gain knowledge on a wide range of topics through diverse enrichment courses and explore subjects more deeply through interdisciplinary and project-based learning.


That a strong student-teacher relationship is key to academic success. As such, we focus on low student-to-teacher ratios that allow our teachers to differentiate learning styles and to meet students where they are.

In the development of student leadership and collaboration. As such, we emphasize teamwork and cooperative learning opportunities in the classroom to promote student voice.

That social, emotional, and academic growth are interconnected. As such, we educate the whole child by providing opportunities to develop interpersonal skills for problem-solving and character development.

In fostering a school community that values family time and involvement. As such, we provide opportunities throughout the school year for families to build relationships through various school activities. We also believe that time spent at home or with family is essential for student well-being.

In having our students engage in the world around them. As such, our students have vast cultural backgrounds that are embraced and honored in the classroom. Our international community of learners provide a unique global perspective in our school environment.

In sustaining a safe, caring, and nurturing environment where differences and uniqueness are celebrated. As such, students find their own individual path and support each other without pressure of conformity.