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The EPS visual arts program provides an environment that allows students to not only develop artistic skill but also build confident self-expression. Students create both 2D and 3D art, and art history is woven into every class and every project. At EPS we believe that each student is unique and has an important point of view, therefore individual expression is always encouraged. Our goal is to foster a love for art and art history while transforming them into well rounded student artists.



Students learn best through dramatic play. The broad term ‘drama’ covers a wide area of techniques incorporating physical movement, vocal action, and mental concentration which traditional classrooms have lacked in quantity and combination in the past. At Explorations Preparatory School we use drama to foster, practice, and enhance skills in storytelling, emotional expression, creative movement, public speaking, and listening. Students at every level participate in weekly drama classes provided by Ludlam Dramatics and also have the option to explore it further with the Explorations Prep Drama Club.


Exploring the fundamental music concepts of pitch, rhythm, tempo and dynamics in addition to providing students with the opportunity to express themselves both vocally and with instruments while developing an appreciation for music, is the goal of our weekly elementary music classes. Students are actively engaged in singing, playing and moving as part of our elementary music program. Further expanding on student’s music knowledge and ability, the EPS Middle School Music Program includes music theory and performance. Students progress from learning instrument basics while also learning how to read the music and perform at least twice together each year.