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School Community – Houses & Mentoring

The EPS student community allows our students to flourish, and the sense of belonging makes students feel safe to be whoever they want to be. Students build confidence and leadership skills through experiences with Houses and Mentoring.


Friendly competition creates a special bond among teammates, and our school houses allow students to feel part of something. At EPS, 5th – 8th grade students are assigned to multi-grade groups to create houses. Throughout the week, houses meet three times to socialize, participate in teambuilding and other creative activities and have lunch together. The multi-age house interactions further develop necessary socialization skills that ultimately lead to more empathetic and caring students.


Students have much to learn from one another, and the mentoring program facilitates and nurtures these relationships. Older students have the opportunity to be role models for younger students, creating a sense of connection throughout the school.

Mentors/mentees meet once a week to participate in teambuilding, STEM, and various academic activities. Students of all ages bond over common experiences and an abundance of laughter.