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Travel is an important part of an EPS education. We provide multiple opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom to experience the world.

Family Field Trips

Weekend excursions for families (Family Field Trips) to a destination tied to an educational topic being studied in the classroom occur twice a year (fall and spring). Whether we are spending the night on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, hiking the caverns of Carlsbad, or taking a swamp tour through the bayou of New Orleans, we are building a sense of community among our families and fostering a sense of adventure and exploration in our students.

Sky Ranch

Students in 5th-8th grade experience the great outdoors and improve their teamwork and leadership skills during a week-long retreat at Sky Ranch in Van, TX. Students apply the knowledge and skills they’ve gained in the classroom to complete various challenges in Physics, Biology and Math. Students also enjoy zip lining, laser tag, fishing, horseback riding and more during their retreat. Sky Ranch is one of the middle travel experiences in a three-year rotation that also includes Washington, D.C. & Europe.

Washington, D.C.

Exploring our nation’s capital and colonial Williamsburg, VA is an important part of the educational program for EPS middle school students. U.S. history, government and civics is extended beyond the classroom and brought to life at actual historical locations. Students visit the Capitol building, the Smithsonian museums, Ford’s Theatre, the Supreme Court, the National Archives as well as various monuments and memorials including Jefferson, Washington, Korean, Vietnam, World War II, MLK, Jr., and FDR. Tours of Mount Vernon and colonial Williamsburg in Virginia complete this incredible adventure.


EPS offers middle school students and their parents the ultimate travel opportunity…a trip to Europe! Every three years we embark on an international adventure designed to expand student minds and their world. Students, parents and teachers spend two weeks exploring the best of what Europe has to offer. Past trips have included England, France, Italy & Spain. Although every trip is different, the constant goal is for students to be exposed to new people with whom they must communicate (oftentimes in a foreign language), new cultures which are likely very different from their own and new ideas that will increase their knowledge. Our Europe trip provides students with the ultimate hands-on learning experience.